Gel Blaster accessories come in all shapes and sizes – just like real firearms. When you utilise all your resources to create the best combination of parts and pieces, you can create something that works better than the rest. With many parts that can be upgraded both on the gun and within sanctioned competitions, you should find out all you can about what goes where and how it improved the gun. Read on to find out all you need to know about upgrading your weapon of choice.

Improved Reliability

Improved reliability and ability to shoot without issue is a major element on the field. With the soft pellets, you need to be able to clear a jam and get back to work with little time lost. With a more reliable loadout, you will stay in the game for longer and get the upper hand on competitors. Using upgradeable parts to boost reliability is arguably the first thing many do.

Increased Distance

While most options have their standard shooting distances, you can also get upgrades to suit the range and increase the distance your weapons can produce. There can sometimes be tradeoffs between parts when adding on elements, but if range is what you need, it is best to consider your options first.

Shooting Accuracy

Accuracy can help the many as often models can have shooting patterns or a range of skew coming out of the barrel. With addons and extensions, you can help to improve the accuracy and produce straight, steady shots throughout games.

Which Parts Can Be Upgraded? 

It can be tricky to understand which pieces can be removed and upgraded and what is set to the frame when looking at your unit.

When you need gel blaster accessories, you must be sure to visit our store online. With a range of options as well as experts to help and guide you through the setup process, we can ensure you find the items you want most. Contact us today to find out more about this sport.